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"A Life-Enhancing Experience"
Relax, Enjoy, Transcend!

We're so excited to welcome Alex Ballew of Secret River Sounds to our humble studio in Woodstock, GA for his signature Sound Therapy experience. Using sounds from various instruments, sound therapy creates a vibrational massage on a cellular level. Accessing energy at this scope helps ease the listener into a meditative state, which soothes the nervous system and encourages deep relaxation. Find stillness and connect with your inner self. Let go, achieve emotional release, and access deep rest — all leading to feelings of rejuvenation, relaxation, and peace long after the session has ended.

Vegetarian food provided.  Join us afterward, if the weather permits, for a cozy outside fire circle to keep the magic going!

Very Limited availability - 10 spaces.  




This event will sell out so don't miss it!

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